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About our Pharmacy

Our highly successful Plymouth based Pharmacy opened on the 18th of April 2011 and has been catering to the diverse, individual needs of Nursing Homes and patients ever since.

Who runs My Doctors Chemist?

My Doctors Chemist is a sister company of Horizon Pharmacy Ltd based in Bristol, and run in partner with our Superintendent Pharmacist Miss Yolanda Ncube GPhC Number 2086264

Important Note: You can check any pharmacist’s registration status, including our Superintendent, by visitng the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) website and searching for their registration number in the Pharmacist Register.

Who are we?

My Doctors Chemist is a distance selling pharmacy chain which aims to always meet our customers needs, we put patients first and profits last.

We offer a new way for patients to receive prescription medications without having to visit their GP or chemist. We work closely with GP surgeries and care homes to deliver medication direct to patients, while ensuring that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

We are committed to meeting the quality standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the regulator for pharmacists in Great Britain.

CPPQ 2019  Survey Results

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the very best in customer care and as part of our responsibilities to NHS England we have once again conducted a customer survey. This time however, we have queried our customers usage of My Doctors Chemist as well as their satisfaction levels.

Amongst these findings have been facts such as the fact that we have an almost even split of gender amongst our customers, with 48% being female and 52% male as well as the fact that over 85% of our customers are over 35. Amongst the more directly relevant data gathered, we discovered 46% of respondents only use our services for themselves. This means that 54% of those respondents rely on us to aid them in caring for a loved one, something we take very seriously. We have also found out that our collection point service is steadily growing in popularity, with nearly 22% of respondents choosing to use them instead of our delivery service, indicating steady growth in this popular idea.

Speaking of our delivery service, this is an area in which we continue to perform well with a mere 21% requiring a redelivery after missing our drivers the first time.

In an overwhelming show of support, 99.25% of respondents told us that our staff were either fairly good or very good, which is amazingly the same as last year.

One area that continues to be of difficulty for us however, is that of providing other services, specifically Stopping Smoking, Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise advice. Out of our respondents only 21% said they had received advice from us on one or more of these subjects, which is obviously unacceptably low. However, before taking this statistic too harshly it is important to point out that we noticed a flaw in the survey after it had been distributed in direct relation to this area. Namely that we forgot to include the option that they had not asked, or did not require advice on any of these areas. Providing this option would undoubtedly have altered these figures quite drastically.

This small area for improvement does not seem to have affected our customers opinions of us however, with a phenomenal 72.22% rating us Excellent or Very Good, with 0.03% rating us as Fair and a fantastic 0.00% rating us as Poor.

Overall this is an amazing outcome and as a business we acknowledge that we have work to do to improve ourselves and our services to our customers, but our customers faith in the business and our staff is inspiring and we will continue to strive to provide the best service possible for all our existing and future customers!

CPPQ 2018 Survey Results

As part of our customer care and responsibilities to NHS England (formerly the PCT) we have conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Although the general consensus appeared to be that we are providing a good service, with approximately 94.41% satisfaction rating of our delivery service from our respondents. However, we have always relied on the strength of our delivery service and are aware that some other areas of the business require work and improvement over the coming year.

It has come to our attention that 62% of our respondents have received no advice concerning smoking, healthy eating and exercise and we acknowledge that this is not good enough.

The really good news however is our staff and general service have been almost universally rated as very good or excellent. With this in mind we are looking forward to the new year with immense positivity and are committed to improving our shortcomings.

Contacting Us

At present it is best to contact our head office for any and all queries by using the following information:

Unit C2 – D
Phoenix Mill Business Park
Estover Road

Tel: 01752 695554
Fax: 01752 696605

Email: nhspharmacy.plymouthdevon.mydoctorschemistfdc60@nhs.net

Please note that full contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

Verify our credentials

You can verify the GPhC registration of My Doctors Chemist by visiting the General Pharmaceutical Council website and searching for GPhC registration number 1125045.