If you would like to discuss a condition with a Pharmacist please call and ask to speak to the duty pharmacist who will be glad to offer you confidential advice.

For free professional health advice and reassurance available 24 hours a day 365 days a year vist the NHS Choices website NHS Choices

Should you require healthcare outside our operational hours please contact one of the following NHS services:

Or in an emergency call 999

Self Care

As a Pharmacy, we care committed to ensuring our patients receive the appropriate advice and support when diagnosing personal minor ailments and common conditions. If you should require any medications you would normally purchase over the counter, please contact us and let us help you select the best product for you and deliver it with you regular medications.

Here is a link to the Self Care Service Specification should you have any questions pertaining to the service.

Here are a further selection of informative links to further information concerning Self Care:

Supporting people with long term conditions to self care: A guide to developing local strategies and good practice

Self care support: A compendium of practical examples across the whole system of health and social care

Healthy Living

Healthy living is important to us all, and we want to be able to help you in any way we can.

At present we have the following leaflets available for viewing and download:

Your Guide to Finding the Right Support to Stop Smoking

Here you can find links to some important information on healthy living:

Department of Health Website

Choosing Health through Pharmacy

Healthy Eating

Useful Links

Getting health information from the internet can be helpful but it is important that the source is reliable – after all anyone can create a website and the information they provide may or may not be accurate, so provided below are a few useful links to health related websites.

NHS Choices

NHS Fit For Travel

National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

National Cancer Institute

Alcohol Concern

Erectile Dysfunction

Travel Advice

Family Planning Advice

Sexual Health

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The New Devon CCG

Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care

Active for Life

Plymouth Online Directory

Many GP’s suggest that patients can find useful information at

If you need to contact a doctor please call your surgery.